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Here are some of the amazing results Star Analyser users have gathered so far.

raw image of spectrum from vega spectra from vega

Delta Verginis:
raw spectrum from delta verginis spectral graph from delta verginis

Supernova sn2004dj in NGC2403:
Supernova sn2004dj in NGC2403 spectral graph of Supernova sn2004dj in NGC2403

Redshift of quasar 3C273:
raw data from quazar 3C273 graph showing redshift of quazar 3C273

A Stellar Contrast:
star spectra star spectra

Planetary Nebulae:
planitary nebulae

A Meteor Spectrum:
image of a meteor specrum graph data from a meteor spectrum

Solar eclipse flash spectrum of the chromosphere:

NOVA RS OPHIUCHI 2006 One star explodes inside another!
data graph from ophiuchi 2006, one star explodes inside another




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